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The Greater Portland - Russian Sister City Project (The Archangel Committee) is an organization founded in 1987 to promote the friendship and understanding between the peoples of Greater Portland, Maine and the people of the City of Archangel (Arkhangel’sk), Russia. The corporation was formed within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and as such, is a non-profit organization and all charitable contributions are fully tax deductible.

This web site is designed to provided information about the Archangel Committee and to highlight upcoming events. This web site also includes a copy of our most recent Newsletter - The News Exchange, and lists the Officers and Steering Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs. Major programs which we sponsor are summarized below with additional information on subsequent pages.

The Archangel Committee is administered and operated solely by volunteers. No officer or Committee member is compensated for services provided. It maintains no permanent offices or central telephone number. Official facsimile transmissions are directed through Neale Duffett, Co-Chair at +1-207-774-7984. Membership in the Archangel Committee is open to any person, organization, or business which pays the basic annual dues set by the Steering Committee, and all members have equal rights as outlined in the By-Laws.

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Our primary sub-committees are:

  • The People To People Outbound Committee, which  organizes an annual delegation of adults from Greater Portland to Archangel, Russia during June of each year.
  • The People To People Inbound Committee hosts an annual delegation of adults from Archangel to Greater Portland during October of each year.
  • The Youth Exchange Committee organizes high school student exchanges between our two communities.
  • The Cultural Exchange Committee organizes periodic exchanges of artists, musicians, dancers, and other professionals in the cultural arts.
  • The Humanitarian Aid Committee provides medical equipment, medical supplies, food, and clothing to hospitals and orphanages throughout the Archangel Region.
  • The Higher Education Committee organizes college student and professor exchanges between academic institutions in both communities.
  • The Professional Development Committee organizes business internships for young Russian professionals in Greater Portland, Maine.
  • The Crafts and Cookbook Programs provide a means for the Committee to raise additional funds. We offer highly selected crafts obtained from Archangel, Russia for resale to interested parties. The critically acclaimed cookbook, “Recipes From the Russian North”, was produced jointly by authors from Greater Portland and Archangel. It is offered for sale by the Committee or in quality retail establishments in support of the Youth Committee.

We hope that you find the information presented herein interesting and informative. Please provide us with your comments, recommendations, and ideas for improvement. Our contact information is:
The Archangel Committee
P.O. Box 105
Portland, Maine  04112  USA
Phone:  +1-207-775-1515
Fax:  +1-207-774-7984
E-mail:  gpmaine@arkhangelsk.org


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